Packages From Inuvik

Arctic Ocean Tuktoyuktuk - 4 hours

Fly from Inuvik to Tuktoyuktuk and you will see the tree line disappear as you pass over the immense Sitidgi Lake and into the treeless tundra landscape with its many lakes. In Tuktoyuktuk, tour the Arctic settlement nestled by the Arctic Ocean and see the Inuit people and experience their culture. See frozen Pingos, a periglacial landform and learn how the Inuit dug them out to make under ground ice huts to store their meat during the hot summers when the sun shines 24 hours a day. On the return trip to Inuvik, fly up the Mackenzie Delta with its myriad of channels past the Reindeer Station that once housed the keepers of the domestic reindeer herds. See the barges travelling the Mackenzie River and the wildlife that feeds off the riches of the Mackenzie Delta.

Herschel Island Interpretive Flight - 5 hours

Fly by float plane from Inuvik past the Mackenzie Delta with its many lakes that once supplied the Inuit and Dene with beaver and muskrat pelts for trading with the Hudson Bay Posts of Aklavik and Fort McPherson. Catch glimpses of the wildlife, perhaps Grizzly Bears or Caribou and watch for Bowhead Whales in the Beaufort Sea area of the Arctic Ocean. Passing by Shingle Point, early warning radar defense station, learn about the summer Inuit camping ground. Upon arriving at Herschel Island, experience the history of this early Whaling post and see the island's cemetery. On the trip back to Inuvik, see the log timber along the coastline that floated down the great Mackenzie River ending its journey on the shores of the Beaufort Sea.

Delta History Flight - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Fly to Aklavik over the Mackenzie Delta with its many lakes that once supplied the Inuit and Dene Indian with Beaver and Muskrat pelts for trading with the Hudson Bay post that was built here in 1818. Watch for moose in the Delta landscape. Experience the two cultures of both the Inuit and the Dene Indians that live together in Aklavik who in historic times were once warring nations. See the grave site of the infamous Mad Trapper of Rat River. In 1930, this wilderness man eluded the RCMP by wearing his snowshoes backwards surviving for 30 days before being hunted down by the famous Canadian War Ace and bush pilot, Wop May of Edmonton. On departure from Aklavik fly over the Richardson Mountains to see the Bell and Rat River where the Mad Trapper met his Maker by the guns of the RCMP. Upon arrival back in Inuvik you will see the town from the air.

Self guided canoe trips plus eco tours

North-Wright airways is a northern based company, and along with our friendly staff and Gwich'in partners we are pleased to provide you with information that can offer you a safe and pleasant trip of a life time. You may contact us by email at for further information on these rivers and she would be pleased to provide you with more information..

The most sought after rivers out of Inuvik are:

Colville Lake, Duo Lake, Hornaday River, Horton Lake, Kugutuk River, Anderson River, and Windy River.

Eco friendly trips

Or perhaps you may just want to enjoy the quietness and tranquillity of the great northern outdoors where you can just sit back and enjoy the 24 hour daylight, the silence of the North wildlife, bird watching, flora and fauna, camping, hiking in the mountains, or just float around the pristine lakes. Does this sound like you?

Eco friendly locations are:

Summit Lake, Horn Lake, Tuktutnogiate Park, Herschel Island